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Retail Solutions

Explore our comprehensive solutions tailored for the retail industry, designed to boost sales, improve customer loyalty, and streamline operations. Our advanced systems support real-time inventory tracking and dynamic pricing adjustments to keep you ahead in a competitive market.

  • Integrated inventory management and sales reporting
  • Customer loyalty programs and promotions
  • Contactless and mobile payment options
  • Flexible checkout solutions for seamless transactions

Recommended Devices: Station Solo, Flex, Mini, Go

These devices ensure a smooth, efficient customer experience, facilitating quick and secure transactions.

Hospitality Solutions

Enhance guest experiences with our tailored solutions for the hospitality industry, improving service speed and operational efficiency. Our systems integrate seamlessly with existing property management software to provide a unified solution for guest management.

  • Seamless integration with booking and reservation systems
  • Mobile and contactless payment for dining and services
  • Customized guest engagement and loyalty programs
  • Comprehensive reporting for revenue and sales management

Recommended Devices: Station Duo, Flex, Mini

Opt for these devices to provide a premium experience to your guests, with minimal wait times and enhanced service delivery.

Healthcare Solutions

Streamline patient interactions with secure and efficient payment solutions that enhance the patient care experience. Our solutions are designed to comply with healthcare standards, ensuring patient data security and streamlined billing.

  • Integrated billing and payment processing
  • Secure patient data handling compliant with healthcare standards
  • Mobile payments for healthcare services on-the-go
  • Efficient scheduling and registration systems

Recommended Devices: Station Duo, Flex, Mini

These devices provide the reliability and security necessary for healthcare transactions, ensuring compliance and patient satisfaction.

Services Solutions

Enhance service delivery with solutions that streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction across various service industries. Tailor your service offerings with our customizable platforms that provide detailed client management tools and efficient payment solutions.

  • Flexible payment options including mobile and online payments
  • Customer management tools to enhance loyalty and retention
  • Efficient appointment and scheduling integration
  • Real-time analytics for business performance monitoring

Recommended Devices: Flex, Mini, Go, Kiosk

These devices are perfect for services requiring mobility and versatility, providing seamless interactions directly at the point of service.

Education Solutions

Simplify campus transactions and enhance educational experiences with solutions designed for the education sector. From tuition payments to campus bookstores, our systems facilitate quick, secure transactions that can integrate with student information systems.

  • Campus card integration for payments and access control
  • Online payment solutions for tuition and campus fees
  • Mobile solutions for on-the-go campus activities
  • Secure and compliant payment processing

Recommended Devices: Station Duo, Flex, Mini, Kiosk

These robust devices offer the functionality needed for high-volume environments like educational institutions, ensuring durability and reliability.

Automotive Solutions

Transform the automotive industry with our solutions designed to streamline operations and enhance customer service at every touchpoint. Integrate sales, service, and financial operations with our unified platform.

  • Online vehicle sales platform for seamless transactions
  • Inventory management and vehicle tracking solutions
  • Customer relationship management for personalized services
  • Integrated payment processing for efficient transactions

Recommended Devices: Station Solo, Flex, Mini

Choose these devices to ensure smooth operations in automotive sales and service centers, providing a superior customer experience with secure transactions.

Next-Gen Point of Sale Solutions

Clover Flex

Flex offers a versatile, all-in-one solution for businesses on the go with its portable design and comprehensive payment capabilities.

  • 5-inch HD touchscreen for vibrant display
  • Integrated receipt printer and scanner
  • Powerful battery life to support all-day use
Clover Flex Device

Clover Station Solo

Designed for quick service and full-service restaurants, Station Solo integrates payment processing with powerful business management tools.

  • 14-inch high-definition display
  • Built-in receipt printer and high-speed scanner
  • Robust software with inventory and employee management
Clover Station Solo

Clover Station Duo

Station Duo features dual screens for enhanced customer interaction and a professional-grade POS experience for all retail and hospitality needs.

  • Dual 14-inch high-resolution screens
  • Integrated customer-facing display
  • Powerful processing capabilities for multitasking
Clover Station Duo

Clover Mini

Mini provides powerful processing capabilities in a compact form, making it perfect for small spaces and quick transactions.

  • Compact design with full POS functionality
  • Supports a wide range of payment types
  • Easy integration with other Clover devices
Clover Mini

Clover Kiosk

Kiosk offers a self-service ordering solution that reduces wait times and enhances customer service, suitable for quick service restaurants and retail.

  • 24-inch touchscreen for an intuitive user experience
  • Customizable interface to match your brand
  • Integrates seamlessly with other Clover devices
Clover Kiosk

Clover Accessories

Enhance your Clover experience with a range of accessories designed to optimize performance and extend functionality.

  • Employee login cards for secure access control
  • Cash Drawer to manage cash transactions efficiently
  • Kitchen printer to streamline order management
Clover Accessories

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Tracking & Reporting

Manage everything you sell with easy, intuitive reports.

Employee Management

Schedule shifts, set permissions, and recognize your best performers.

Customer Engagement

Keep them coming back with Promos, Rewards and Feedback tools.

Inventory Management

Track and manage items with one system—in store, online, or both.

Consistent Rates

Pay the same low rates for all cards, including AMEX and rewards cards.

Financial Services

Access to your receipts is a click away and leverage future receipts to grow now.

Fast Set Up

Set up your business today and take payments with the Dashboard.

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We’re here to help you with everything from setting up to troubleshooting.