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Maximize Your Savings with Our Payment Solutions

Leverage the latest legislative updates and our state-of-the-art software. Your business can now accept credit card payments without any processing fees. Aurumpay proudly offers this cost-free processing solution."

Zero-Fee Processing

Your business can now accept credit card payments without any processing fees. Aurumpay proudly offers this cost-free processing solution.

Cash Discount

Our Program ensures that you can continue offering competitive prices by offsetting merchant service fees without any adjustments to your sale prices.

Financial Efficiency

Save on Fees & Boost Cash Flow

Implementing a cash discount program can notably reduce card-processing fees. It incentivizes cash payments, lowering your transaction costs, and ensures that any card processing fees are part of the final product price, benefiting both businesses and customers.

Smart Automation

Hassle-free Integration

Partnering with solutions like Clover Commerce ensures the seamless operation of your cash discount program. The terminals used, even third-party ones, will intuitively apply the discount, subtly nudging your customers towards cash payments, thus making the transaction process effortless.

Customer Experience

Delight and Retain Customers

Cash discounts serve dual purposes; they reward customers with savings and enhance their overall shopping journey. For businesses, this means increased loyalty and simpler financial tracking, thanks to reduced card transactions and clearer monthly statements.

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The Ultimate Safety-First Credit Card Processing Platform

Where Complete Functionality Meets Uncompromised Security

To address the increasing incidents of data breaches, the PCI SSC upholds the Data Security Standards (DSS). At Aurumpay, we collaborate with third-party companies to ensure safety, and our system not only ensures data protection but also makes PCI compliance easier for businesses that may find secure payment processing challenging.

Furthermore, we offer continuous data protection and PCI compliance support for credit card transactions. This support encompasses regular scans of your payment environment to confirm alignment with the most recent data security protocols. We also provide advanced features like tokenization, point-to-point encryption, and additional measures aimed at shielding your expanding business from potential fraud.

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Equip Your Business with the Perfect Payment Equipment

Payment Processing

Flex The Handheld POS System

Payment Processing

Mini a Small but Powerful POS System

Payment Processing

Station Solo The All In One POS

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Station Duo The For Faster Service

Payment Processing

GO a Mobile POS System

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