Fortifying Payment Transactions

At Aurumpay, we prioritize the security of your financial transactions. Our provider, CardSecure, integrates advanced PCI-validated point-to-point encryption and patented tokenization to ensure unparalleled payment data protection. Experience a seamless, safe, and compliant transaction environment with Aurumpay's CardSecure.


CardSecure, Aurumpay's flagship payment security solution, merges the strength of PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) with our patented tokenization process. By leveraging our tokens, which are recognized as out-of-PCI scope, businesses can significantly reduce their PCI compliance scope and associated costs.

  • Minimize compliance management duration.
  • Reduce annual audit expenses.
  • Decrease the risk of breach incidents.

How CardSecure Functions

  • Data Encryption At the point of interaction, sensitive information, whether swiped, dipped, or keyed into a terminal, is encrypted.
  • Secure Transfer to Vault This encrypted data is then securely transmitted to our cloud-based, PCI-compliant CardSecure vault.
  • Tokenization In the vault, the data undergoes our irreversible tokenization process, replacing sensitive details with non-valuable tokens, rendering them valueless to potential hackers.
  • Token Utility These tokens are securely relayed back to the business system and can be utilized across diverse channels, ensuring comprehensive payment acceptance security.

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